About Pote Kole

Pote Kole (Po-tay Ko-lay) As a result of the earthquake, Haiti’s orphan population has increased by more than 60% over the course of this past week. This statistic only reflects what officials estimate for Port-au-Prince. Since coverage of the disaster has focused exclusively on happenings in the capital, this percentage does not account for newly orphaned children in surrounding cities. At this time, relief efforts are focused on meeting the immediate needs of the Haitian people. In addition to food, water and medical care, these children are in need of some sense of normalcy and routine. Pote Kole, is a Haitian Kreyol phrase which translates to “carry and stick together”. If we stick together, even after media coverage wanes, we will not only be uplifting and carrying these children, we will be nurturing Haiti’s future. Next week, Pote Kole will be going to Petit Goave, which is southwest of the capital, to gather and provide care for its newly orphaned children. Petit Goave is one of the oldest cities and former capital in Haiti, founded in 1655. Earthquake stories of Petit Goave and other marginalized cities have not reached the world although the damage is significant. 

Initial photos of earthquake destruction in Petit Goave  

We will be providing children with:



feminine napkins

child and infant clothing


formula and powdered/dry milk




baby wipes

hand sanitizer

water purification tablets

detergent (bar soap)

children’s books (they still need someone to read to them)

medical supplies

All donations will go into purchasing supplies recently orphaned children.

Pote Kole is an initiative created under the umbrella of “Centre Medico Social, Dr. Henri Gérard Desgranges,” a non-profit organization registered and based in Haiti, founded in 1995.  It provides free medical care and education to the underserved population of Petit Goave, Haiti.



  1. Good Morning, my name is Sky LaBrot and I am the Director of Operations for the Floating Doctors. We are a 501 C3 non profit organization that is working with Hugues Desgranges and we are going to be assisting in his hometown of Petit-Goave. We will be departing on our 76 Foot sail boat from Miami on the 27th of February with an expected arrival in Petit Goave on or around the 7th of March. Tania Desgrottes is shipping 650 cubic feet of Medical Supplies to be brought to the Health Center and told us to reach out to you in regards to what supplies you are in need of. I would love to talk with you more about this and see how we may work together on getting you what you need. Please contact me at any time either via e-mail at
    or by phone at
    + 01 310 740 1120

    I look forward to talking with you.
    Fair Winds,
    Sky Labrot

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