Hi Pote Kole supporters!  

The Pote Kole initiative has been busy at work for the past few weeks, organizing and arranging for its first orphan relief trip to Petit-Goave, Haiti.  Thanks to your support and words of encouragement, we are proud to announce that we will be leaving for a week-long trip to Petit-Goave on March 2, 2010!  With your monetary and material donations, we have collected over $4000 dollars-worth of the supplies listed in the blog.  Our primary objective for this trip is to not only provide food, water, and medical care to the children of Petit Goave; we will also implement a screening process to determine which children are left without parents or immediate family.  A record of these orphans will be compiled, and future trips will aim at providing them with a safe living environment, and proper supervision, medical care, nutrition, and education.  While on the ground, we will take pictures and video footage, and write journal entries, all to be posted on our blog so that you can also feel directly connected to the process.  we look forward to being in touch with you soon from Haiti!

Warm Regards,

Stephanie & Raygine


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